Private clients – partners in the pursuit of your success.

Our goal is to build strong and enduring relationships based on understanding, earned trust and shared values. Our longest term client relationship began in 1987. Whether you need preservation of capital – secure income, income biased or growth biased balanced investments – growth or even aggressive growth, we are able to provide a portfolio suitable for you. Using two or more of our modelled portfolio mandates, we can help you create a customized strategy suited to any level of risk and growth.

Discretionary portfolio management

Our discretionary portfolio management services free you from the worrisome, day-to-day decisions necessary to add value to your portfolio. Only registered portfolio managers can provide discretionary portfolio management. Fees are based on the percentage of assets, subject to GST and, in the case of taxable accounts, are tax deductible. They are transparent, and typically much lower than the embedded fees charged by mutual funds.

You have direct ownership in individual securities, not units of a pool as with a mutual fund. This removes the risk of incurring an embedded tax gain that belongs to others already invested in the portfolio. This is also significant if shareholder rights are important to you. In addition to monthly statements, more comprehensive semiannual performance reports and annual gain/loss statements are also provided. Portfolios are closely monitored and reviewed by our firm’s oversight committee.

For a full list of our modelled portfolios, click here.

Our investment process – disciplined and repeatable

Investment markets change constantly, but our commitment to you and your investment goals will not waver. We use a “top-down” approach to determine the intermediate-term tactical adjustments to strategic asset allocation as well as sector and geographic portfolio weightings, analyzing the reward to risk possibilities for each asset class to achieve the ideal risk-adjusted return. Individual security selection uses a rules based quantitative investment approach. The principle behind this philosophy is to identify companies that best qualify for each investment model at a particular point in time in our dynamic world. Through analysis of a unique set of factors for each of the portfolios – valuation, dividend growth and sustainability factors for our income portfolios, or earnings growth and momentum factors for our growth portfolios – we are able to pinpoint such opportunities for further analysis. This approach effectively and efficiently helps us analyze a large universe of investment opportunities. Tying this in along with our macroeconomic focus provides our clients with the best of both worlds. Learn more here

Whether your investible assets are $1 million or $50 million, you need to have a disciplined, repeatable investment process. Worth Allaye-Chan Investment Counsel uses constant macroeconomic review processes and a micro securities selection methodology to ensure disciplined, repeatable and highly competitive portfolios for individuals and institutions.