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Brian R. Worth, PhD, DIC, CIM

Senior Portfolio Manager, Private Client Group

Brian helps clients arrive at their ideal investment plan, educates, and is responsible for managing investment portfolios.

Combining the attributes of businessman, investor and academic, Brian has invested and managed client portfolios for 30 years. His foray into the business world began after he held teaching and research posts at universities in Australia, the UK and Canada. He earned an honours B.Sc. at University New South Wales; A doctorate from Australian National University and another from Imperial College in London. He has achieved the Canadian Investment Manager (CIM) designation that confirms his ability to conduct discretionary portfolio management services on behalf of his clients. Brian is also a member of AFOA (Aboriginal Financial Officers Association) Canada.

Once in business, he ran several companies in British Columbia. He joined the financial services industry in 1987 at one of Vancouver’s oldest brokerages where he was a Senior Trading Officer. He left in 1990 to cofound another high-profile brokerage firm where he was president and CEO. In 1995, Brian formed his own brokerage firm, United Capital, and ran it until the business was acquired in late 2005 by the predecessor firm to Macquarie Private Wealth. Brian has partnered with Gerald Allaye-Chan since 1994, leading to the formation of Worth Allaye-Chan Investment Counsel. The two joined Raymond James as senior vice presidents and portfolio managers, private client group, in 2015.

Away from the office Brian enjoys travel, golf, biking and sunshine. He spends as much time as possible with his two adult sons.